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If you need more information or help in a pregnancy, please let us know. We care about you and your baby... TAKE TIME TO GET THE FACTS Before you decide to have an abortion or advise someone else to have one, get the facts straight. There are alternatives that will be safer and healthier--both physically and emotionally--for both you and your child. No doubt an unwanted pregnancy can cause intense stress and hardship in a variety of ways. But the medical evidence is clear--the physical and psychological consequences of abortion can be far worse. Nine short months of pregnancy is a relatively small cost to pay in light of a lifetime of potential physical and mental health problems--ABORTION: YOUR RISKS/Chances of Complications
3 in 4 (77%) --Acute Grief Reaction
1 in 2 (50%)--Emotional and Psychological Disturbances
1 in 4 (24%)--Complications in Future Pregnancies
1 in 6 (17%)--Future Miscarriage
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Post Abortion Information

If you have experienced abortion and feeling any emotional problems, please visit this webpage: Post Abortion Help and Healing


Stories of Abortion

Karen Sullivan-Ables, Taylor, AZ

"Planned Parenthood suggested only an abortion. No other options were ever discussed. They never said the word 'baby'--only 'fetus'. You can't imagine my shock and horror when I saw my dismembered baby after my 'nice and easy' abortion. They deceived me. I've suffered severe emotional problems."